PB20R Photo Booth Travel Road Cases (Set of 2 Cases)

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Protect your investment with an RBA Custom Fitted Travel Case.  Don't just settle for oversize travel cases with foam padding.  All of our cases are custom manufactured to fit your equipment perfectly.  We aim to provide you with the strongest and light weight travel cases.

The PB20R 3.0 travel road case is made to fit the PB20R 3.0. It comes in a set of 2. The head case fits the head portion of the PB20R 3.0 photobooth while the bottom case will fit the bottom portion of the photobooth and the base plate. It protects your photobooth while traveling to and from your events.


Top Case Dimensions (LXHXW): 9 3/4" X 34 1/2" X 28 3/4" - 31.60 lbs

Bottom Case Dimensions: 10 1/2" X 27" X 19 1/4" - 25.70 lbs

* 2 Heavy Duty Recessed Wheels

* 2 Heavy Duty Recessed Latches

* 2 Heavy Duty Recessed Handle

* Steel Corners and Aluminum Angles

* Custom Interior Fitted to Conform with Equipment 

* Foam/Carpet Lining Interior