Photo Booth Place Maintain a vast inventory of portable rental package, printers, backdrops and unique accessories available for implementation to scale your photo booth rental business.

When budgetary constraints don’t allow for a brand new photo booth package, allow us to apply our rental program inventory and concepts to your business. All rental properties can be will call and return the next business day.  Rental rate is  based on a daily rental price.  Our unique approach for the photo booth rental  enables our customer to scale their photo booth rental business.  

When you feel that your are ready to buy the new photo both system package, Photo Booth Place is always here to help you get the best deal.

We have listed the price list for our daily rental available to all our customers.  

Please note: Before you can rent, you must be a current PB365/RBA/Photo Booth Place existing customers.  If you are not yet an existing customer, you must setup an account with us.

In-House Rental Inventory Prices:

• Premier Photo Booth Full System Package: This package is a complete turnkey system with travel cases.  The complete turnkey premier photo booth package includes ring flash, pc, software, printer stand, dye sublimation printer, and we also include 200 of the 4x6 free prints or 400 of the 2x6 free prints.  Daily Rental Price is $150

• Canon DSLR T3, T5, T6 Camera: This includes an A/C Adapter.  Daily Rental Price is $45

• Ring Light with Built in Strobe Flash: Includes Hot Shoe, Sync Cord.  Daily Rental Price is $25

• Strobe Flash: Includes Sync Cord and Hot Shoe.  Daily Rental Price is $20

• Microsoft Surface Pro 3 or 4: Includes Darkroom Booth 3 Photo Booth Software and templates.  Daily Rental Price is $100

• Planar 22" Touch Screen Monitor: Includes standard cables.  Daily Rental Price is $50

• Photo Booth Shell Enclosure: This rental is particular for those DIY customers who currently have their own booth but wants something more elegant or corporate for their gig. Currently we have the PH Modern and Premier Booth available.  Daily Rental Price is $75

• Stand Alone Printer Stand: Includes Base Plate, Upright, Printer Tray and Printer Cover.  Current available for printer cover is DNP RX1HS, DS40, DS620.  Daily Rental is $30

• DNP RX1HS Dye Sublimation Printer: Includes standard cables.  Daily Rental is $50

• Black Back Drop Set: Includes 2 base plates, 2 adjustable uprights, 1 adjustable crossbar.  Daily Rental is $40

• 10 X 20 LED Digital Dance Floor: Includes road cases, edge ramps, controllers.  This rental is required for you to have a box truck.  We often get a DJ production company renting these from us, so bare in mind it's not your average rental package.  Daily Rental is $500

• 55" Mirror Booth Complete System: Includes everything you need for turnkey rental with dye sub printer.  Daily Rental is $250

• Oval Vanity Mirror Booth Complete System: Includes travel cases and printer.  Daily Rental is $250

• WN12 Ipad Photo Booth Social Media System: Includes full social media system with travel case.  Daily Rental is $100 

For more information, please call our rental office at 866-412-0160