Pricing Policies

photo booth place pricing policy

Photo Booth Place Pricing Policies

Photo Booth Place does everything to ensure the accuracy of our website's prices. Photo Booth Place tries to keep these

prices as constant as possible. However, there are inevitable cases where the Photo Booth Place website's prices may change.


Prices may be properly adjusted at any time without further notice. 

Due to instantly changing demand or economy, Photo Booth Place reserves the exclusive right to change the product's price at any given time without prior notice. 

Prices listed on any other websites or Photo Booth Place selling platforms may be unaccepted. 

Photo Booth Place has a wide number of different online selling channels, and we cannot always keep track and control when they are updated. Photo Booth Place reserves the exclusive right not to accept a price listed on these other selling platforms especially if the listing is outdated.

Do you ship internationally?

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Yes, we do. We advise our international customers to email us first and instantly communicate with us on the specific product they ideally want to order so that we can properly monitor the orders. Most international order demands more extensive attention than our United States customers simply because of the shipping process.

For international shipping, please call us at +1 (888) 340-8883 or +1 (866) 412-0160 (toll-free) or email us at


Do I typically receive an invoice for my order?

photo booth invoice

Yes, we send out sales orders and invoices for every order that comes out online.

Which payment methods are basically accepted in the Photo Booth Place Online Shop?

We accept all major credit cards. As of now, we undoubtedly use Paypal as our merchant. It is secure for our loyal and potential customers and accepts all major credit cards if you don't have a Paypal account.

For International orders, we do not accept Paypal payment. We only accept wire transfer for International orders.


If I will call or opt to pick up the product, how do I order online without typically paying for the shipping?

how do I order online without typically paying for the shipping

You must call us at +1 (888) 340-8883 or +1 (866) 412-0160 or email us at so that a valuable coupon can be provided for you. This coupon will offset the price of shipping. You can give us a call, and chat with us and set an appointment for will call.


How long will the delivery take?

photo booth delivery

Naturally, depending on the stock availability, our turn around is usually 1 to 2 days and we instantly update your order details with tracking information.

If we are out of stock, we will advise you immediately. We accept orders even when we are out of stock of photo booth products. It means that it will take more than 2 days for us to ship your order out. Occasionally, only 5 business days when we are out of stock, but we will communicate that with you.

Furthermore, we do require another 5 days for special orders like black photo Booth Shells, black printer covers and black printer shelves. 

When you place your order online, you automatically get an email sufficiently detailing your order. The order will be updated as something changes like shipping. When your order ships out from our local factory, your order automatically updates and sends you tracking information.


You can always give us a call also if you like at +1 (888) 340-8883 or +1 (866) 412-0160 (toll-free) or email us at

Photo Booth Place is unresponsible for canceled events when the customer did not receive the booth in time as we cannot control couriers and delays.


What happens if my order arrives damaged?

broken item

Photo Booth Place will acknowledge damaged products up to 3 days after it has been received. If we do not receive any direct communication after 3 days, we will assume your package was received in good condition and we will not acknowledge any dispute.

Please inspect the packaging of the valuable item(s) as soon as they arrive. If you instantly notice any damage, please make a note of it when signing for delivery.

We take meticulous care when packaging our products. We properly use bubble wraps, foam peanuts, foam sheets, packing paper, etc. If for some reason, the box arrived damaged, we repeatedly advise our customers to inspect the product and take pictures of the box/packaging and the product itself. We will file a claim with the freight company, and it is very important you keep the product in its original packaging. The freight company will pick up the product, properly inspect the damages, and will return the product to us. Please send us the photos of the damaged products and packaging to Or call us toll-free +1 (888) 340-8883 or +1 (866) 412-0160 (Customer Service). 

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