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Portable Mirror Photo Booth

Buy a photo booth at a affordable cost and rent it for double the price of regular photo booth kiosk

Photo Booth Travel Cases

Secure your photo booth with a easy to transport photo booth case
Rare Kind of Mermaid Sequin Backdrop to Create endless sparkles and infinity visual patterns

Photo Booth Backdrop

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About Us

Photo Booth Place is an End-to-End Photo Booth Manufacturer Specializing in the Sales Design and Fabrication for Weddings, Corporate Events, Special Events, Retail Environments And Brand Experiences Across The Globe.

For more information or if you have any questions, please give us a call it's toll free (888) 340-8883 or email photoboothplaceishere@gmail.com

Photo Booth Rental Package

Photo Booth Full System Package

When budgetary constraints don’t allow for a brand new photo booth package, allow us to apply our rental program inventory and concepts to your business. 

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Mirror Photo Booth Complete System

Photo Booth Place Maintain a vast inventory of portable rental package, printers, backdrops and unique accessories available for implementation to scale your photo booth rental business.

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Our unique approach for the photo booth rental  enables our customer to scale their photo booth rental business. 

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Photo Booth Shell

This rental is particular for those DIY customers who currently have their own booth but wants something more elegant or corporate for their gig

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Ring Light

Premium photo booth ring light straight from the creator.

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Strobe Flash

Stroboscopic lamp, commonly called a strobe, is a device used to produce regular flashes of light

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as low as

$75 a month

Client Reviews

The service I experienced here is amazing, and so is Mark, best customer service I've ever had in the industry, highly suggested by all of my friends and myself.

Corey Collins

Great to do business upto date equipments and helps in my business growth.

KC Photography NY

There experienced and very knowledgeable in photobooth. Love them and wouldn't recommend anyone else


Great company to work with, buy or rental, best products

Tipitina the Clown

Wonderful photo booth shell, enclosure, parts and equipment. This company really know what photo booth business going. They have all parts you needed and great assistance. Kudos!

Grantbroad Well

Great guy! They travel all the way from US to showcase us their photo booth business. Thanks! More business with you soon.


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Limited time
T11 2.0 Photo Booth
T11 2.0 Photo Booth is designed for die hard photographers. Taking your photography studio on the road just got easier. See why the T11 2.0 Photo booth is right for you.
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Back by popular demand
T12 LED Photo Booth
We merge the physical with the digital to create interactive experiences of any scale that promote, connect, excite and endure lasting memories for many years to come. The T12 LED Photo Booth is the only choice for you.
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We believe that creating superb branded fun environments and experiences is a collaborative process. We believe in absolute flexibility; that our relationship with our clients should be a partnership. We believe in listening, learning and providing quality photos, organic and unretouched in order to optimize the experiences we create. We strive to continually look for ways to take advantage of new mediums for reaching consumers, promoting brand awareness & facilitating exciting and memorable experiences.

mission statement

“We will provide the photo booth marketplace with innovative design, quality fabrication and superior services at a very affordable investment, creating a new level of value.”

Founded on this principle in 2010, Photo Booth Place has quickly grown into one of the nation’s top photo booth sales and manufacturer. Our mission and core values drive our processes and define us as an entity; creativity and the entrepreneurial spirit are the genesis of our institution. Our strength lives within our maintenance of an insatiable desire to pioneer new ways to inspire, promote, educate and entertain.