Why You Need A Wedding Photo Booth

The most crucial part of your life is coming, therefore, you and your fiance looking for a lavish and most memorable event together with family, relatives, and friends. In the majority after the wedding ceremony, there are pictorials for couples, guests, and entourage. In the reception area, the newlyweds are required by the official photographers to take pictures with the entire decorations, it would take 45-60 minutes for couple shots. That’s a huge hour and the couple must do something for the guest not easily get bored, something makes them occupied or entertained aside from having selected desserts or food being displayed outside the function room.

Photo Booth to the rescue! Photo booths are great for every event and precisely during weddings too.



What is a Photo Booth

It is a type of machine that captures photos from the individuals with its built-in camera, iPad, software and printer on the side to produce photo strips. In modern photo booths, it enthusiastically supports a green screen and add-on effects but the traditional photo booth props still on the trend.


What are the types of photo booths

Traditional Photo booth

  • Carefully made from durable and sturdy steel.
  • Have a computer screen to see the poses in realtime.
  • Ideally, fit for 2-3 people.
  • Because of its weight, transporting this type of photo booth to elevated areas and stairs is very challenging.

    • The features are precisely similar to its predecessors, only they make it mobilized to easily transport this type of photo booth.
    • It produces a timeless photo strip that only aims for facial expressions.


    • This type of photo booth is bigger compared to the vintage and retro style.
    • Manufactured with panels, intact walls or plain color curtains.
    • Fit for 2-5 people.
    • The guests will stand freely.



    • This is a setup in which the photographer itself takes the pictures.
    • The quirky props and elegant backdrops are provided as sufficiently.
    • The majority of the modern photographers that naturally offer this type of efficient service is cost-free as it is already included in their photography package during social events.



    In this type of photo booth, you may find the latest trends in the photo booth industry like:

  • Slow-mo video booths
  • Mirror photo booths (portable photo booth)
  • Social media photo booths
  • GIF Booths

    These are the advantage of having a wedding photo booth

    • It’s more fun than being photographed by photographers
    • Build rapport.
    • Photo strips from the photo booth - small trinkets reminiscing fun memories
    • It’s for everyone. No age limit.
    • Guests are able to transmit their photos online through a social media photo booth.
    • Social entertainment by funny photo booth props


    Primarily, photo booths are already present in the standard package of official photographers you absolutely need to politely ask if they offer this kind of service. If it’s typically excluded, you may need to instantly start to look for affordable photo booth packages being offered based in your area. 

    When diligently looking for a photo booth, you interrogate them if they offer photo booth backdrops, props, and signs, printers, lights, and other things to have a perfect boothing. It’s your event anyway, and you need to resolve concerns prior to your wedding day.



    For photo booth backdrop, the traditional and still elegant are sequin mermaid backdrops. It is sublime and ideal for every event, because of its sparkling attributes. Amazingly, handmade and able to absorb light so the photos have natural light and not over-exposed.

    photo booth backdrop


    Key Takeaway

    Properly settle all your confusions and errands prior to your wedding day or any social event. You should be stress-free, so you will have exceptional photos because people can easily tell if the subject is stress. In generally speaking, our ultimate goal is to look lovely in every photo even posing for bizarre gestures, still conveys happy and being enjoyed during the memorable event.


    Happy boothing!



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