When Choosing Your Photo Booth or Photographer

Greetings, brides-to-be! There are a million reasons why you should be going to our July Wedding Show, but just in case you need some more convincing, we’ve approached some of Northeast Ohio’s wedding experts opinions on why you should be there, too!


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We know it can be a bit overwhelming when you walk into a convention center and see over 50 wedding vendors there. Where should you start? What questions should you ask? What trends should you carefully look for? Fortunately, for you, we persuaded some of the July Show vendors to convey you their most sensible advice and trends they see growing!





The photos of your memorable day are priceless! You’ll peruse them with proper care in successful years to come, and generously share them with your dear children and grandchildren. Though you may be inclined to request a friend or family member to record a few shots or intend on placing an album together from all the Instagram uploads, we advise you to look into a professional. Not merely do they utilize the most efficient equipment, but they obtain years of experience knowing what poses are the most elegant and beautiful, where the light hits best to highlight specific features, and how to produce your shots look natural and candid.


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The most significant thing, when it comes to photography, is recognizing the right photographer. As American Commodore Wedding prompts their brides, “We capture every moment of your event, even the ones you don’t see. Our job is to produce memories, bring smiles and tears for generations to comes.”When meeting with possible photographers, approach it as you would have a blind date. Embrace a pre-conceived vision of what you want, and a level of expectations. After all, you’re hoping for this to turn into a long-term relationship (in a sense), hence “know what you want out of it,” advises Hai Bales Photography. “Take a minute and have a clear mindset for what you’re looking for before you go looking. This way you don’t pass something up because you think it’s not what you want (but it is.), or purchase something because you didn’t know what you needed.”


Swordfish Media Productions recommends considering a photographer that resonates with you. “Get what you want. Look at the portfolio and see if they match your vision for your wedding. If they resonate with you, then it’ll probably work.”. Your Wedding Day memories will stay with you forever, and the photos will capture those memories! Remember, your wedding will be one of the most feeling filled days of your life. When booking a seller, ensure to find somebody who comprehends this as well as demonstrates a comparative degree of eagerness about your day. It’s equally substantial to have someone local, according to American Commodore Wedding. “Photographers are the one vendor who will devote the entire day with you, so you want it to be someone whom you scarcely trust but like and feel comfortable with!”



Look into different photography types – from traditional to photojournalism to artistic; there are many different styles out there. Love is All You Need Photography suggests “looking over lots of albums and make sure you love their style of photography. Ask yourself if the moments they capture speak to you and are they the type of pictures you would love for your wedding day?”. If you’re unsure what style you like, or you are drawn to a variety of styles, look for a photographer that is willing to be flexible to create exactly what you have in mind. BCR Studios by Brad combines a “unique blend of artistic, journalistic, and candid photography that offers our clients the best of all types of photography in one comprehensive package!”


When meeting with potential photographers, it’s imperative to ask what all is included in their package? Many couples have started asking to allow two shooters at their wedding, says B Frohman Imaging. “Having two photographers in your package allows for shots of both sides of the wedding party to be documented while getting ready for the wedding, a huge selection of formal shots, and moments from behind-the-scenes that could have otherwise slipped by without having double coverage from two experienced professionals who are passionate about their role in your wedding.” Also, is an album or printing rights included? Getting the copyrights to the photos so that you can share them freely on your social media is important to many couples, but Orchard Photography thinks it’s just as important to get an album of your prints. “We all like the ease and accessibility of having our pictures on hand, but some people don’t print out their pictures. Always make sure you have some products like a wedding album that you can pull out years after your wedding. It’s always easier to pull out an album to share with future children, cousins, nieces, and nephews than dragging out a laptop to read a DVD or USB.”


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Never be afraid to ask questions when booking any vendor! Because this day is so memorable to you, it should be tailored to your wants and needs. “Never be afraid to ask questions and openly talk about your preferences and needs for your significant day. We have shot over 200 weddings over the years, and no two weddings are ever the same for how they want their day covered or what they want for their ending results,” says B Frohman Imaging. What equipment will they be utilizing? How will you access the photos after the wedding? How many shooters will there be on the day of? From the details of the package to their personal life, no question is off-limits. Getting to know your photographer is key in attaining one who will match your style and enthusiasm on your wedding day. “Don’t be afraid to ask them if they are married, who provided a similar service for their wedding, and how the experience inspires the service their company provides,” advises JazzyMae Photography. Whatever you accomplish, don’t precisely select a photographer based on the price! Get knowing them, their style, and why they love what they do.




There are a bunch of photography trends that pop up every few years, as the First Look. Talk to your fiance about whether or not this social trend is right for you. Do you fondly imagine your husband to be crying as you walk down the aisle? If so, a First Look may not represent your best option. Do you envision to experience a few quiet moments together to revel in the love you share and your significant day? If so, capturing those moments forever as he perceives you for the first time may be exactly what you desire to recall when you look back on your day. Orchard Photography has also observed that, when lovely couples choose wisely to properly incorporate DIY elements into their wedding, it usually includes the help of family or friends, which can create a closer bond and warm memories of the planning of and the events of that day. “It always gladdens my heart to see family and friends pitching in with time and talent to help support the bride and groom with love and generosity.”




Many photographers offer special features, too! Hai Bales is introducing the Photo Tower for 2017 grand weddings! “Streamlining the concept of the bar cam (introduced a few years back), the Photo Tower allows you to automatically upload all the bar cam photos to an app, pre-hashtagged, all in one click of a button. As each photo is captured, it is simultaneously uploaded. Guests can also email the photos directly to themselves, allowing for some real-time social media sharing of your killer wedding reception!”, JazzyMae provides a projector to display the ceremony pictures during the reception!. “We clean images in between the cocktail hour and dinner, and project them on to a screen for the couple’s first dance”. For others, the imagination behind each pose and photo is what makes them unique. “At BCR, I think we specialize in keeping our style fresh, new and innovative! Our creativity is what sets us apart from others!”


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 Photo Booths


If you sincerely want to add a fun and interactive element to your reception, favorably consider a photo booth! Photo Booths can add pleasant hours of fun and modern entertainment to your party, and will gift your dear guests with keepsakes of the great time they had on your day! Though smaller photo booths may be more cost-effective, inFocus Photobooths genuinely wants to remind you that they may not be as much fun. “Every time that a curtain closes you hear the laughter, and if someone has 200 sets of eyes on them, they’re going to be a little more reserved and not have as much fun. I can accommodate groups of 8-10 comfortably and have had groups as high as 31 in one of the booths!”


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Selfie Scene says, “You put many efforts, time, and money into making your day the best it can be – gorgeous and seamless – And choosing something subpar negates all that. Look for something attractive, and that keeps up with technology!”. Every photo booth company will advise you to always, always, always be sure to get two copies of the photos – one for the guests and one for your scrapbook. Not exclusively do they offer brides and grooms a photo scrapbook of all the night’s pictures, but it can be a great favor for your guests! Whether they’re customizable or paired with frames as First Choice Photography offers, photo strips make great keepsakes!


An additional sentimental aspect that some photo booths – like Selfie Scene – they offer a video! “Our photo and video station are linked directly to social media, so guests can share their images immediately. The ability to leave video sentiments for you along with pictures is a great feature, as well!”


Just be sure that there is a second attendant if you decide to have a scrapbook. “I have met brides who have cried when telling me the story of them opening their ruined, beer-soaked scrapbook. The photo booth becomes a top-rated attraction during the reception especially after dinner and things can get very crowded and hectic. You want to make sure there are two attendants at the wedding so that the memory scrapbook is protected from spilled drinks, water stains, and general damage that can occur when the scrapbook is left at an unattended station,” advises inFocus Photobooths.


All of our contributing experts will be present to provide more advice and answer any of your questions on our July 8th Show! Be sure to stop by your favorite vendors’ booths to see what trends they can assist you to execute flawlessly!


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