Why a Wedding Photographer Should Buy A Photo Booth and Buy from Photo Booth Place?

Photo Booth Place is a place created by wedding photographers for wedding photographers!  We have been using them in the wedding photography part of our business for over five years and they have created an excellent additional offering and revenue stream for our wedding photography business.

If you are a wedding photographer today, you probably rarely go to a wedding that doesn’t have a photo booth. They are so popular. Guests love them. Brides and grooms love seeing the photos later. Everyone has fun with a photo booth and the guy who rented it out could have very likely made more money per work-hour than the photography wedding package. Especially if the photo booth was a simple setup. 

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Everyday we hear of wedding photographers losing gigs to other photographers who offer a photo booth because a bride wants to simplify as much as possible with her wedding planning. Therefore, if you own a wedding photography business, it is quickly becoming a necessity to offer a photo booth in one of your wedding coverage packages. 


Competition in the wedding photography business is fierce and differentiation is one way to  set yourself apart. The right photo booth solution can do just that!  Did you know that a Photo Booth Place is unique from other photo booths in that it includes voice controls and touch screen controls?  What this means to you is that you do not have to hire a photography assistant to run your photo booth!  With no photo booth attendant you can add the normal photo booth attendant cost of $200-$500 back to your net profit per wedding.  And did you know that with the average photo booth booking at $1000 you can easily pay for your Photo Booth investment within 5 to 7 photo booth gigs - that is a fast return on investment and a 100% addition to your bottom line after that (minus the nominal media costs.)

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Photo booth packages easily add $1,000+ to the total wedding photography package. Adding a photo booth can not only set your business apart from the other photographers in the area, it can add to the bottom line without adding to the post-production work - something that every wedding photographer is happy about!

When choosing a photo booth to buy be sure to look for these important attributes:

- Offer Prints: People love to see themselves in photos!  And being able to bring home a print from an event? Priceless! Guests will laugh at them and pass them around at the event. But most importantly, the will hang on to that print for a long time.  What else is on that print besides their adorable mug? Your studio name and logo.  You can’t buy an advertisement that has that value and stays around that long.

- Social Booth: a “social booth” has the ability to take those fun photo booth photos and allow the guests to share them immediately. Not all photo booths have this capability so consider charging an additional fee for this feature.  Note that this features is available on all Photo Booths.  Note that this feature does require an internet connection or a portable HotSpot available from AT&T, Verizon and other carriers; however, the software and hardware must offer that out of the box to ensure you will have this important social feature - and the Photo Booth includes 'social booth; capabilities with ALL of our models.

- Equipment that lasts : Just like all the high-end camera equipment to run your photography studio business, you need photo booth equipment that can stand the test of time - and the test of public abuse! A durable photo booth will have a quicker payout than those suitcase and curtain setups (you know, the cheesy ones) because you need to repair items every few months.  

- Templates: Templates are a part of the photo booth experience. You can get as simple or fancy as you want, or simply go with templates that already exist in the Photo Booth software. Building templates is not difficult, but it varies with different software packages. Consider systems that have both template-ready packages and the ability to create custom templates, such as the Photo Booth. 

- Keep it simple : There are a variety of ways to set up a photo booth most of which add complications. Keep it simple with lighting (flash adds complexity), open-air (enclosures add to the setup time), printer integration (one more thing to bring in and set up. Complete integration such as the Photo Booth Place is better in the short-term and long-term.

- Portability:  And for the most portable photo booth around, our T12 LED Photo Booth Business Package Bundleincludes advanced photo booth features such as Greenscreen, GIF, Video, Slomo Video and more in a super compact 44 lb kiosk that you can easily transport in our rollable travel case.

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