Setup a Photo Booth to Capture Birds

Lisa (Ostdrossel) really knows how to set up a photo booth with witty to capture the birds in her backyard, and the outcome is stunning.

The birds are known as a symbol of freedom, their ability to wander around the world is amazing indeed; free to roam the sky and waters as humans. But we, the humans need to be firstly equipped to be able to do fly high and swim in ocean depths.  Some cultures beliefs, birds signify an eternal life that connects heaven and earth.

Lisa enjoys natures and birds that lead her to setup a DIY photo booth in the yard. She used Bird Photo Booth 2.0 that has a camera box, macro lens, and feeder to lure the birds.

Through this, she proved that you just need an affordable photo booth to capture the beauty of the birds as well as nature.

Enjoy these amazing and hilarious birds’ photos. 

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