How to Setup a Mirror Photo Booth with Darkroom Booth

Many Darkroom Booth users have asked if Booth photo booth software can be typically used for a Mirror booth and the answer is yes and it isn’t hard at all. As you will see, the most complex part is coming up with graphic elements. Here is an organized demonstration of video graphics created for effective use with Darkroom Booth by our dear friends at Photo Booth Place.

Mirror photo booth video graphics demo from Darkroom Software on Vimeo.


How to setup mirror booth graphics in Darkroom Booth Software 


  1. You will need videos. Depending on how many photos you want to take and what comments you will need between 10 to 14 in most cases if you are doing 3 to 4 photos. For best results, they should have a black background, so the images appear to “float” in the mirror. These can be created in several effective ways such as with Adobe After Effects but you can equally find video artists that can create these for you.
  2. Create a screen template that is also black and has a single text box with the text color black. This will let the videos show with no other text on the screen.
  3. Set all of the basic timing in the Timing tab to 1 second. You can properly adjust this to more if you want more blank screen time between videos but this is a starting point that works well in most cases. (see screenshot 1 below)
  4. Set all of the basic timing in the Timing tab to 1 sec. The mirror will represent your live view. You require having a 2-way mirror with the monitor and camera behind that and all of it enclosed so it is dark inside. This will give the appearance of the videos coming from inside the mirror. You can get really fancy and use an expensive “touch-sensitive” mirror so the user can touch the screen to start or just a basic 2-way mirror and use a separate arcade button or Booth Control to begin the session.
  5. Now add your videos in the Device control section.
  6. Now add your videos in the Device control section. This is set about looping and will give some info while the booth is not in use.
  7. If you are using a touch-sensitive mirror, add a Booth Command here for “Start Session” this will allow the single touch on the screen to end the Attract video and start the session.
  8. Start session and End instruction video go here. This is to tell them how many photos will be taken and that the session is over and the photos are printing.
  9. Add videos here that will let them know the following photo is coming like “get ready for photo 1”, etc.
  10. Here you can add videos that can state something about the photo just taken like “Great Job!", etc.
  11. Finally, you can add a countdown video here. Just add one and it will play prior to each photo. You could additionally use a traditional countdown in the screen template as well.
  12. That’s it, with a little imagination you can customize the videos by the theme. For example, you could have a vampire in the videos for Halloween or a princess for a little girl's birthday party. Imagine a corporate event where the CEO appears in the mirror saying, “You can do better than that on the next photo.” Happy booting!

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