How To Make More Money: Increasing Income With Photo Booths

As a business owner, finding new ways to naturally increase your income is something that may cross your mind on occasion. But when you are tied down with endless to-do lists and overdue tasks, how can you work on new projects to help you increase your profit?

Picture this. A majority of your workflow is properly taken care of by a photo editing company and your profit increases through print sales (without having to include any further work to your plate). With more free time and more money for your business, you could have the opportunity to perform on profit-generating tasks and projects. 

One of the best ways to make more money with other projects is to incorporate them into what you are currently doing. Photo booths remain a standard option for you to offer clients for their wedding day. You can use a photo booth to generate more money from every wedding and can leave your clients with a fun and exciting memories for years to come. Photo booths are easy to set up, relatively inexpensive and are a fun addition to your client’s wedding day.


Here are a few other reasons why you should seamlessly incorporate photo booths into your official business to support you make more sufficient money.




Although you may need to purchase a few items to create a photo booth, many of the items required you likely had in your gear bag. These items include your:


Items you may require to purchase or use what you already have, are:

Remember, if you make initial purchases for the photo booth, you are likely to make up the deficit by booking the booth for your weddings this year.

If you decide you do not want to purchase the additional items, you can also use Gifyyy, which is an animated photo booth. Their packages come with everything you need to create a photo booth, and a professional can help you run it (So you can continue capturing moments during the reception.).



In your business, your pricing model is crucial to your success with booking ideal clients. Not only is knowing what pricing model is the best for you important but what you include as far as products and services can shape the experience clients have with you. Adding a photo booth to your pricing model can help attract clients who are looking for that specific service during their wedding day.

If you are handling packages, you can incorporate a photo booth into your second and third tiered packages as a bonus. This can help encourage clients to always book the middle package and is a convenient way to increase profit for your business.

When using A La Carte as your pricing model, create excitement for a photo booth as an add on to their purchase. Remember, when you share the importance of experience, like a photo booth, your clients are more likely to add it to their services.



While your images from the wedding day may contain your logo on them when they are printed or shared on your website, blog, and social media, you can also incorporate your logo on prints from the photo booth. This is beneficial to reach guests from the wedding day who do not visit your website or gallery to view or purchase prints. If those guests use the photo booth at the wedding, they are more likely to want their photos printed by you.



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If you decide to print images immediately, you can ensure your logo is included. When the guest or someone they know, is seeking a photographer, they may be more likely to refer you because they remember your logo on their photo booth print. Referrals are excellent for you and improve you make more money for your business.

Tip: Establish a gallery where the photo booth images live to encourage increased sales after the wedding day. Share the link with the bride and groom and enable them to recognize their family and friends can purchase images directly from the site.



With every project you take on to make more money in your business, it is significant to know how to add on additional features your clients will love. When you encourage clients to use a photo booth for their wedding day, you are upselling something which will make them have a better experience. 


Just as you would add on to your ordinary products and services, do the same for the photo booth. While you are discussing their options for pricing, inform them of the benefits of cherishing the photo booth memories for years to come with an album. You can produce a unique album (outside of their wedding album) for the photo booth images, so they can recall the exciting time they had with their guests.


Other add-ons can include additional coverage time for the photo booth and specific backdrops or printing paper. Share why adding on each of these services to the photo booth will enhance their experience during the wedding day. Remember, building trust is one of the most essential parts of mastering sales for your business.


Making more money in your business can help you grow and take on projects you want to work on. 

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