Spring Loaded Plunger For The T-series Photo Booth Yoke

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We understand the world is not perfect!  There will always be some instances and small parts would get lost.  Whether it is you as a photo booth owner that loses it or your photo booth attendant, you don't have to worry.  We have you covered.  We have a list of our photo booth parts that are commonly misplaced or lost to choose from.  Buy some extra for back up!  You never know when you will need it.  Trust me, it comes in handy.  Nothing beats the peace of mind when doing a photo booth event.  

As the saying goes, Murphy's law.  "Anything that can go wrong will go wrong".

Spring Loaded Plunger Description:

Spring-loaded plunger for the T-series photo booth shells. Helps lock photo booth to place a different tilt angle. It can be used for different projects.


Knob-Style, Black Steel, 3/8"-24


Photo Booth Applications:

* T12 Series Photo Booth

* T17 Photo Booth 

* T20 Series Photo Booth 

* T20R Series Photo Booth