RBA 160 Watt LED Strobe Flash With Modeling Light

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Adding strobe flash to your photo booth is essential in the photo booting world.  It's a must that you provide good quality photos to your customers regardless of the size of the prints.  The picture must be nice and crispy bright to look at and the picture must pop for your customer to be satisfied.

Putting a strobe flash with modeling light on your photo booth is always a great concept.  Bounce it off the umbrella and you get an even better quality picture because of the spread of light vs direct lighting.

Below is the strobe flash type commonly used in the photo booth industry.


  • 160 Watt-Seconds | Lightweight Polycarbonate Design
  • Accepts Softboxes Without Speed Ring | 5.8″ Stand Mount
  • Built-in Umbrella Receptacle | Optical Slave
  • Includes PC to Mini Sync Cord
  • What's In The Box: Flash Tube, Power Cord, PC to Mini (3.5mm) Sync 

Photo Booth Application:

* T11 2.0 Photo Booth

* T11 2.5 Photo Booth

* T19 Photo Booth

* T20R Photo Booth

* T21 Older Model Photo Booth

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