Pink Mermaid Sequin Backdrop

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The exceptional kind of Mermaid Sequin Backdrop to Create Endless Sparkles, Inspires Fun and Get an Unmatched Photo Experiences for An Unforgettable Event!

Our Pink Mermaid Sequin Photography Backdrop is one of the rare and state-of-the-art Backdrop options you can find out there. It prominently features thousands of double-sided 3mm Pink Sequins that generously offer endless sparkles and infinity visual patterns at your fingertips.

You can effortlessly adjust the specific color and sparkle pattern, depict memorable images, generate messages, create a flowing shape easily as you sincerely wish on any essential part of this seamless backdrop at your fingertips.

Also, the Backdrop features Loops at the decorated top and bottom for hanging options. Hence, you can select how the colors sparkle changes differently for much more visual variety depending on which side you hang at the top.

This pristine Backdrop with natural color tone would precisely match any social occasion and would remain the excellent choice to carefully add loads of social entertainment, joyous laughter, and fun to any social event be it a concert, birthday party, lavish wedding, baby shower, grand banquets or simply a business looking to naturally entertain their customers. Everyone is surely going loving the way their photos look!

It's exquisitely hand-sewn properly using only the highest-quality materials. This pristine Backdrop with natural color tone would match any occasion and would undoubtedly remain the excellent choice to add loads of entertainment, laughter, and fun to any event be it a concert, birthday party, wedding, baby shower, banquets or simply a business looking to entertain their loyal customers. We pledge that this Backdrop will steadfastly maintain a flawless look, despite heavy use.

We carefully incorporated full dense Sequins Embroidery on the fabric plus Solid Backing Layer (White) to progressively eliminate brilliant light spilling through the backdrop. Great for creating high-quality photos, visual variety/creativity, and endless fun. It's designed for photographers looking for a breakthrough in the photo booth industry.


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Things to Remember:


Thousands of double-sided Pink 3mm Sequins willingly give endless sparkle. With your fingertips, you can adjust the color. The sparkle pattern draws images, creates messages, creates a flowing shape or anything of your wish. The Loops at the top and bottom offer hanging options for sparkle changes and greater visual variety.


The backdrop is great for modern photography because it's fully dense or covered with thousands of sequin embroidery plus Solid Backing Layer (White), offering no room for dazzling light to penetrate or filter through.


This seamless Backdrop will undoubtedly be the social highlight of the event, and everyone will be graciously pleased with their photograph. Perfect for photography, indoor advertisement, trade show exhibits, events, significant promotion, fairs, weddings, party, baby shower.
WHAT YOU GET -1pc Mermaid/Reversible Pink Sequin Backdrop with size range from 8' to 8' 5" in height and 8' 6' to 8' 10" in Width; Two 4" Hanging Loops for Backdrop Stands and Curtain Rods.


The serged edges help to typically prevent promptly falling Sequins. Sequin order to be varied by pieces. You can expect some loss of Sequins during massive use and transport.

Pink Mermaid Sequin Backdrop
Pink Mermaid Sequin Backdrop